LOGH  [SWE/Bad Taste]

First they are those deep, agitated pins and needles... creeping into you and pressing themselves against the pit of your stomach like a restless memory. They are those times, like stones, that just need to be flipped over... the moment you want to live and experience perfectly plain as a whole new being. A moment of truth. Because they are so serious, they lurk unnoticed just beyond the cliffs. Dead serious. They are not designed, but elaborate. Logh... are the understatement of greatness.
Kangding Ray
KANGDING RAY  [FRA/Raster-Noton]

Kangding Ray is endless tender cuts, leaving his frequency noise inside. Lights turn on and all of a sudden you are caught in the middle of a fog of exciting danger, as if you are observing a giant machine which could turn around and crush you down at a moment's notice. Everything is vibrating, you lift the hood and in the cab above you, someone sings a warning. Never mind, even that sounds thrilling. A detail of the machine. That is how it should be. This is what you think. And you sink hopelessly lost into the beat.
Scraps Of Tape
SCRAPS OF TAPE  [SWE/Tenderversion]

Grasping the gravity, but falsely alienating and throwing yourself against the wall! Yea, this crumbling, dusty setback is pushed aside, and the illusions and disbeliefs are conquered. Scraping, scratching, chafing, and chucking the old into the expanses behind: it's all coming - with artificial exhilarating guitars and incriminating vocals - directly out of Sweden. Scraps of Tape, with the weight of a new album on your shoulders: the Grand Letdown.
Ter Haar
TER HAAR  [DE/Sinnbus]
Erik Enocksson
CELESTINE  [IS/Sound Devestation, Milkweed]
KAM:AS  [DE/Sinnbus]
Nils Frahm
NILS FRAHM  [DE/Ateliermusik]
Peter Broderick
PETER BRODERICK from Efterklang  [US, DK/Bella Union, Type, Hush, Kning Disk]

Erik Neave from Wisconsin is Cedarwell. He says that it's a band. We just say, it's simply there. He's got a presence, but doesn't take the occupied room away, just monopolizes it. He allows other people and other things to happen. He is sympathy and empathy. In between he stomps occasionally up onto the stage ... and becomes loud, becomes intensive. He sweeps everything away and makes room for whatever is there.
AUCAN  [IT/Africantape, Ruminance]

Where Post-Rock sets down rusty pox, that's where Aucan comes, complete with neon-coloured lasers and that's where they blow the old scum and waste out of the rampart. These hyperactive Italians completely annihilate and mince apart the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and rebuild it over green reflecting waters, three times as tall and skeletal, with mirrored surfaces, upon which broadcasts reflect, and humongous metal walls, which illuminate the red, yellow-green and grey upon the sandstone.
Captain Capa
Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya is the best thing to happen to Erfurt in a long time. They are brutal, sheer and full of risk. Setting oneself aside, not knowing if you can last, after the ten minute opener suddenly realizing, that you went on from nodding your head to ruminatively punching the wall. As if one simply shuts down completely during a cascade of boot-steps. A mind- and album result by one man. Next: Live in a threesome. It's about time!
Seconds In Formaldehyde
SECONDS IN FORMALDEHYDE  [DE/Gears of Sand, Umbra, Waterscape]

Patience and silence are attributes, which Seconds in Formaldehyde will always demand. Behind the tremendous, dense surfaces and mellow landscapes of water and metaphysically-impacting disruptions slightly eroded, stands a young man named Martin Fuhs, who obviously fights and stands up for his music and integrity - also longed for by the bulkiness of his hand-crafted drones. Whoever is aware of and involved with him, can find themself enough room in his music to make their own impression. And that is by far one of the greatest that music provides.

with live visuals by Videotroopers

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