When does the festival take place?

The festival will be held on Holy Saturday 11th April 2009. Immediately afterwards it's time to search Easter eggs...

What's about the schedule?

How do I get to the festival site?

Where can I find my accomodation?


13 bands non-stop in a narrow venue ain't easy. Consequently it's probably a very good idea not starting this night with an empty stomach!
In addition to the standard menue provided by the Centrum Club, which mainly includes politically incorrect fries and burgers, you will find kebap shops, fast food restaurants (organic as well) and supermarkets nearby.

But, watch out!
You are in Erfurt. So it's quite common to turn doors signs from open to closed at 11 pm and especially on Holy Saturday the opening hours of tiny little diners aren't that easy to predict.

How about purchasing the tickets?

The box in the upper right corner is not enough? Well then, in detail again:
Ticket sales for 15 Euro without any fees from Sinnbus and Joschi at the Woodstock Record Store in Erfurt. But you can also buy your tickets plus various fees through Kartenhaus / Ticketmaster. Every ticket outlet in Germany that is linked to this system (almost every ticket outlet) keeps tickets in stock.

Sinnbus will send your ticket via mail after they got your payment. Print it out on a sheet of paper and bring it to the festival.
The barcode must be clearly readable and every ticket is valid only once, take care of it!

The End Pilot will cost you 18 Euro at the box office.

An alle Mitfahrsuchenden!

Auf unserer sammeln sich die Gesuche, schaut da auf jeden Fall mal rein! Sonst verweisen wir gerne noch auf


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